Windows 10 – Improving the Enterprise Experience by Collecting the Opinions of Large Corporations

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by | July 30, 2015

Microsoft is going to great lengths to ensure Windows 10 is better received than its predecessor. Unlike the experiment with Windows 8, Windows 10 Developers have gone out and engaged large corporations to discern which features they needed. Product support was involved from the first on Windows 10 order to maintain the vision for a common experience across device platforms.

Regular Maintenance Makes for a Reliable Enterprise Solution

Probably most important to enterprises, the start menu is back, so user confusion will be an absolute minimum. There are a LOT of features that make Windows 10 a compelling upgrade including much improved security, but here we will focus on how easy that upgrade will be to accomplish.

Automated updates used to NEVER be an in-place upgrade option, but now, Microsoft has enabled the ability to do an automated update that is un-attended from Windows7/8. This update can take as little as 7 minutes.



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