Windows 10 Migration a 2016 Priority

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by | March 17, 2016

Having already reached 200 million devices, Windows 10 adoption has become quite widespread. With such a large user-base it is unsurprising that businesses will also look to make the switch.

1E recently conducted a survey into Windows 10 migration amongst 204 IT Specialists. Sharing their results via an infographic, the survey highlighted several interesting points.

50% of those surveyed planned to migrate in 2016, highlighting an end of support for Windows 7 as one reason. Another fascinating point was that 37.5% used a manual process for installation and deployment.

Considering that those surveyed managed from < 1k to +100K devices. It is perhaps disconcerting that such a large section of IT managers rely on manual processes.

1E will also be hosting a Webinar on the 23rd of March where they will be revealing more of their findings.

To view the infographic click here


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